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          Swing check valve
          2015.02.09 / VIEW:1607

          Swing Check Valve Manufacturing Specifications



          General design standard

          ASME B16.34/API600

          Pressure-temperature rating

          ASME B16.34

          Face to face dimensions

          API6D/ASME B16.10

          Flange type and dimensions

          ASME B16.5

          Butt-welded end

          ASME B16.25

          Inspection and test


          SEV Swing Check Valve Construction Features Function
          ● Constriction
          SEV swing check valve adopt B.B. single disc swing, which is in accordance with international general standard.

          ● Seat
          For SEV swing check valve in different pressure or specifications, the seat would have the following types:
          1.The connection of the seat ring and the body may either be threaded or welded type. The threaded type seat is easy for disassemble, maintenance and replacement.
          2.The sealing surface is directly welded on the body.
          3.For stainless steel gate valve, the sealing surface is machined and finished on the body.

          ● Gasket
          The connection between body and bonnet shall be bolted flange. Gasket of flange shall be as follows:
            Below Class 600      Female and male gasket
            CLASS 600 & Larger     Octagon ring gasket

          The metal spiral wound gasket with inner ring and filling with graphite makes more reliable for the seal of the gasket and excellent capability of disassembling and reassembling.

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