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        1. Welcome to SICHUAN SAIER VALVE MFG. CO., LTD.
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          People-oriented, human is the first factor for doing the work, a multitude of work should combine the fundamental level, people is the cornerstone of enterprise

          Selection criteria: take Germany as heavy, have both ability and political integrity

          Staff assessment standard: "Germany, can, Ji" -- the performance of priority, both attitude and ability.

          The basic requirements of staff quality: integrity, studious, self-motivated,

          The employees to pursue: strong fitness center, volition, and inspire potential, to establish the correct values, to create brilliant career and health and abundant life

          Company management philosophy: with the right person, to the appropriate location, at the appropriate time, in a proper way, to do the right thing, to put things in place -- the establishment of automatic mechanism for success for the staff and the enterprise.

          Public: transparent equal way with people, recruitment of personnel is equality of conditions, content, method of transparent.

          Fair: only by human standards, in accordance with the criteria of appointments, appoint people on their merit standard.

          Justice: the employing mechanism and orderly operation, appraisal, reward and punishment personnel, according to the unified standards and specifications.

          Preferred: survival of the fittest employing rule, the staffs ability and the quality of their requirements to achieve optimal allocation.